27 Special Bumper for JK 2007 & Newer


To find out more about the 27 Special bumper visit www.27special.com Introducing an all-new Jeep JK Bumper, the "27 Special". An aluminum, rugged and lightweight design from Lange Originals®. Whether you rock crawl or stick to the pavement, this aluminum bumper fits all uses. Weighing in at only 27-pounds, you will feel the better steering response and improved handling. The...

27 Special Winch Mount Plate


Laser cut steel plate is mounted directly to the frame of your Jeep without having to relocate any front bumper items. This winch mount plate has been extensively tested to stand any abuse dished out too it. This is an add on item to the 27 special bumper, and will only work with that bumper.

27 Special D-Ring Mount for Bumper


This D-Ring mount is an accessory that goes with our 27 special bumper. It is CNC'd from solid aluminum blocks (not cast) for maximum strength. Comes with 2 black D rings, and attaching hardware. This is a robust way to mount two D rings to your Jeep Frame and bumper.  



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