Worm Gear Crank Unit

Crank unit uses a front mount worm gear to make easy cranking and no chance of a runaway top if you let go of the handle. Double spooled with over 40 feet of cable to accommodate almost any ceiling height.

Lifting Strap

Rated at over 2 tons, the lifting strap will make easy work of lifting your Jeep top. Simply slip the end under the front edge of the top and over the supplied attaching hardware and you're ready to lift. We have it measured perfectly for you to start, but adjustable if needed.

Smart Hook

Patented Smart Hook fits perfectly between your window and top. Close your rear window when you lift, safe and saves valuable room on your ceiling.

Flush Mounted Ceiling Pulley

Only the best to lift your valuable top. Easy to install and safe to use: No Slip T pulleys make installation and lifting a snap. Laser cut, hand welded.