Lange Originals Limited Warranty

What the Warranty Covers:

This warranty covers defects from the manufacturing process that would render the product unusable. It also covers items missing from the packaging unless the damage or loss is the result of mishandling by the shipper.

Who is Covered?

This warranty covers the original purchaser of this device with a invoice of purchase or receipt from a valid current dealer.

How Long Does the Coverage Last?

This warranty remains in force for one year, to the original purchaser, from the date of purchase on the invoice or receipt. This warranty applies only to approved dealers of Lange’s products.

What We Will do to Correct the Problem:

Lange Originals will repair or replace, at their discretion parts or the whole. Warranty does not cover 3rd party labor, or return shipping.

How do I Get Service?
To obtain warranty repairs, you must obtain authorization from Lange Originals for either a return, or replacement part. If you wish to make other arrangements for repairs/replacement, notify us on our form via our website and click on the warranty tab. We will respond in writing on how to proceed. Please do not contact your dealer, contact Lange Originals directly to avoid delays. Please note you will be asked to provide information such as dealer receipt/invoice and sometimes pictures of the item. Return shipping  is not covered. We will ship any repaired or replacement items at no cost.
Normal Responsibilities of the Buyer:
Buyer is responsible for the inspection and tightening of bolts, nuts, screws, lag screws, gears, pulleys, casters, u-clamps,hooks and any other parts that require regular attention. Lubricating of some parts is necessary such as the crank type worm gear, on crank type lifting units.

This Warranty Does Not Cover:
  1. Any defect caused by abuse, misuse, neglect, carelessness, or accident.
  2. Loss of time, loss of use, towing charges, bus fare, car rentals, labor costs of installers, or other incidental damages of property.
  3. Damage as a result of not properly following directions, or common safety practices with tools, ladders, and other instruments or tools during installation.
  4. Deterioration from wear or exposure.
  5. Any defect caused by alteration or modification of the home/garage.
  6. Any defect which would not have occurred if instructions in the instruct manual had been followed.
  7. Failure of an Chrysler product due to lack of understanding. For example if a buyer does not correctly unfasten electrical cables
  8. All disputes concerning this warranty would take place in Utah courts and under Utah law.
  9. Shipping damage is covered under our customer satisfaction 30 day return policy, but is not covered after this period of time.
  10. Minor cosmetic issues such as paint flaws, mis-shaped foam pieces that do not affect the function of the product as determined by Lange.
  11. Lange Originals LLC reserves the right to change this document at any time and is not limited to the terms and conditions described here. 

  12. Any unauthorized sale of this product, not limited to but including used auction websites, unauthorized Amazon sellers, closeout or refurbish sites such as


Lange Originals LLC reserves the right to change this document at any time and is not limited to the terms and conditions described here.