Q: Why won't my new Hoist-A-Top JL rear hook fit?

A: It will. The JL rear hooks will require you to open the window and slide the rod part of the hook up through the gap in between the top and the window. Then secure it through the rod with a wingnut. Yes, you will have to remove the nut and repeat the process every time you decide to remove your top. Please see the instructions linked. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2406/5071/files/JL.pdf?66


Q: The JK hooks have a "paddle". Is that necessary? What does it do?

A: The older style of JK Jeeps (2007-2010) had a problem with the window opening during storage. We created a hook to slide over the window to prevent this problem. If your window doesn't have this problem or you are worried about it breaking your window you can remove this piece. 


Q: Do I have to mount my crank unit behind my Jeep on the back wall?

A: Nope. You can do a side wall mount. Please see the instructions. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2406/5071/files/Sidewall_Mount_Double_Line_cbe06b05-304d-4676-9c15-56989298a049.jpg?9093529224417177269


Q: What do I do if I am missing parts?

A: Email contact1@langeoriginals.com with your Lange order number, name of the product that you ordered, what you are missing, and your shipping information. Please be as detailed as possible.  


Q: How much can this thing hold?

A: Our power unit can hold 400 Lbs. Our crank units can hold 440 Lbs. The Hoist-A-Cart can hold 200 Lbs. 


Q: How long is the wire cable?

A: The power unit holds 40 feet on each spool and the crank units have 20 feet on one side and 23 on the other. 


Q: Is my ceiling too tall? Too short?

A: Our Hoists were designed for garages of all heights. Each garage is different. Just be sure to measure your space and use the lengths given above to calculate if there is enough cable for you.


Q: How much space will I have below my top?

A: If you have the power unit mounted above your Jeep we recommend 12 inches of clearance from your ceiling to your hard top. If you have a crank unit or a side wall mount it's 8 inches from ceiling to the hardtop. (These are the measurements as if your top was lifted completely.) Add the height of your top to know how much clearance you will have.


Q: Is it safe to leave my top suspended for long periods of time?

A: Yes. Hoist-A-Top can store your top all summer long. Double check that everything is mounted securely and all screws are tightened. Our units were designed with a self-locking mechanism. It will stay in place until you manually are lifting or lowing your top. 


Q: What are the measurements for the Hoist-A-Cart?


Base: 36" X 51"

Adjustable Height: 91" - 103"

Collapsible Arm: 60"


Q: What are the specs on the power unit?


120 Volts

Remote Cord: 4 Wire, 18 Guage

Cord Lenth: 2 FT

Remote Cable Lenth: 6 FT


Q: What are all these terms you keep using?


Power Unit: A motorized unit with a remote

Crank Unit: Worm gear winch unit with a handle.

Hoist-A-Top: A power or crank unit that attaches to a steel "T" Frame to lift your top. 

Simple Hoist: A crank unit that attaches to the strap and hook system to lift your top. 

Hoist-A-Cart: A mobile system that uses a strap and a hook to lift your top