Power Unit

Take your pick! These power units are specially designed by us to lift hardtops! Features include: steel gear break system , perfect SLOW speed up and down, safety auto shutoff, all copper electrical components. Corded remote option has a 6 foot cable. Wireless version comes with remote that works with 2 AA. For all Motor Specs see the bottom of the page.

Snap Together Frame

Snap together frame assembles in minutes. All steel construction with durable powder coating. Anything touching the vehicle is foam or rubber coated.

Hoist frame is available in custom colors to match your vehicle

Hardtop Lifting Bracket

Hoist-A-Top Hardtop Lifting Brackets literally do all the lifting! Lifting Brackets slip in easily and lift from the reinforced rack slot on your Bronco Hardtop. Rubber coating protects your top. Closing your rear window when you lift, saves valuable room on your ceiling.

Mid Panel Support Arm  

The support arm does just as its name suggests, SUPPORTS the mid panel of your Ford Bronco hardtop, while the back portion of the frame does all the lifting. Steel bars and rubbercoated hook keep the bulky Bronco mid panel secure while lifting and in storage.  

Driver and Passenger Top Panel Storage

Hoist-A-Top not only lifts your top but stores your Driver and Passenger Panels as well. Before you lift your top, just flip your panels over on the patented foam protectors and attach the safety strap. Total top storage system.

Flush Mount Hoist T Pulley

Only the best to lift your valuable top. Easy to install and safe to use: Flush Mount Hoist T pulleys make installation and lifting a snap. Fastens right into stud, or mounting 2x6. Laser cut, hand welded. Fasteners included


Ford Bronco Hoist-A-Top Product Contains:

- 1 Power Unit (Corded or Remote)

- Power Mounting Bar and Hardware

- 1 Steel Powder Coated Frame

- 2 Plastasol Coated Lifting Brackets

- 1 Flush Mount pulley

- 2 Wire D pins

- Bungee strap downs for panels

- All neccessary hardware

- Paper instructions

Garage SPECS

How much room do I need on my ceiling?

Rear bumper of your Bronco can be as close as 6 inches from the back wall. The two lifting cables are 24 inches apart.

How close can you get to the ceiling?

About 1 Foot.

In Many installations the garage door opens under the front of the hardtop.

Power Unit SPECS

  • v120 AC
  • cable leingth 21ft per spool
  • speed 13 fPM
  • 4.1 amps
  • shipping weight 22lbs
  • cable 1/8 seamless aircraft stainless steel