Hoist-A-Top Crank Unlimited 2-Door 2004-2006
  • SKU: 014-502

Hoist-A-Top Crank Unlimited 2-Door 2004-2006


    The LJ Unlimited hardtop hoist is the one. Easy, one-person operation makes the job "child's play". Rugged construction and a powerful safety-featured lifting device are included. Your top will not require any modifications to use this hoist. Rubber coated hooks and foam covered hardware protect your valuable hardtop's finish. the high-tensile steel cable design should not be confused with cheap rope and pulley hardtop hoists sold elsewhere.

    Hoist-A-Top uses a strong steel frame that quickly attaches to your vehicle top for easy lifting. There is nothing to drill or attach to your top. A specially designed cable pulling mechanism then lifts your top to the ceiling in your garage or carport for convenient, out-of-the-way storage. It takes only about three minutes to remove by yourself. Replacing it is just as easy.